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Collective Leader Opportunity

Being in a Collective Book can open new doors for you through connecting with your co-authors and becoming an Amazon Best-selling Author.

How amazing would it be to hand select the individuals who co-author the book with you?

You can through our Collective Leader Book Opportunity.

As the leader of the Collective you:

  • Surround yourself with your tribe who are passionate about a similar topic as you.
  • Share your knowledge with your ideal reader.
  • Shared network and exposure for the book.
  • Shared cost with publishing the book.
  • You decide on who writes in the book, the book title, cover design and format.
  • You receive the royalties for the eBook and paperback.

Influence Network Media manages the production, publication and marketing of the book.  You and your co-authors write your chapter, provide your bio & head shot and share the book with your network.


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