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Helping Business Experts Become          Authors & Industry Influencers

 Gain Authority & Show Proof of Expertise Through Authorship.

Why Influence Network Media

Influence Network Media is a media and hybrid-publishing company that provides publishing, promotional coaching, and media services to business leaders who want to become authors. Founded by Jodi Brandstetter and Melanie Booher, Influence Network Media is a one-stop shop to get the support you need to make greatness happen.

Some leaders want to write to grow their business, others to open doors for speaking opportunities, podcast appearances, gain a national presence, leave a legacy, or maybe even to accomplish a bucket list goal!

We simplified the process - helping authors utilize their book as a vessel to career success. Join us to find your voice and take a big step closer to creating your next success story!

Our Services

Collective Book 

Become a bestselling author with your bio, headshot, and a single chapter. Collaborative with other business experts to create a book for your ideal clients.

Solo Book

Provide your story and expertise while connecting with your ideal clients in a book format. Gain more credibility and authority in your space when you become a best-selling author.


Now that you are an author, what is next? Become an influencer in your industry by using your book to gain media attention, speaking opportunities and new offerings for your ideal clients.

Influencer Testimonials

"I have always wanted to write a book and started the journey before learning about INM. It was a no brainer to have them help with the whole book publishing process. They made it so easy to make my dreams come true. They managed the whole process from editing, publishing, and social media posts for launch. I highly recommend using them for your book dreams rather it be a collective or solo book journey."
Kendra Ramirez
Kendra Ramirez, Bestselling Author of Micro Shift and Marketing Fusion
"INM is the best!  The team did a fantastic job in publishing my book.  I was able to focus on my craft of writing while they promoted and marketed my book professionally and timely."
L. Danyetta Najoli, Bestselling Author of Micro Shift
"Influence Network Media is THE resource for authorship, publishing, and launch! I've been dreaming about writing a book for over a decade. My dream came true when I was invited to collaborate on a mindset book with 5 other authors. INM made the ENTIRE process so inviting, simple, and actionable. I really look forward to working with them again on another collaboration or a book of my own!"
Lauren Ammon, Bestselling Author of Micro Shift

Meet the Founders

We focused on providing you with the tools needed to become an author and influencer.

Jodi Brandstetter, CEO
Jodi Brandstetter, CEO (2)

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