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How to Use Your Book as a Speaker

Adding author behind your name is a great way to add speaking opportunities to their calendar.  I have heard that some conferences will not hire you unless you have a book! 

How can I ensure that I am using my book to fullest as a speaker?

Here are 5 ways to use your book in your speaking opportunities:

  1. Integrate quotes: You can read or highlight passages from the book that support your presentation and provide examples or evidence for what you are saying. You can say, "In my book..."
  2. Share stories: You can share personal anecdotes or stories from the book to bring the presentation to life and connect with the audience on a deeper level. Always include stories or case studies from your book in your presentation.
  3. Use visual aids: You can use diagrams or images from the book to help clarify complex ideas or concepts or to make the presentation more engaging.
  4. Sell the book: You can promote the book and encourage people to buy or read it by mentioning it throughout the presentation or showing it on a table. Or ask for a book signing after your presentation.
  5. Freebie: You can gift books from stage. Or provide the eBook or PDF of specific section of your book for free through a QR code.

Remember to connect your book to your presentation and services.  Your book is a marketing tool as well as your business card.